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Achternaam:Mieres Guedez
Voornaam:Isabel Mieres
Adres:Clos de la Petite Suisse 27
Plaats:1140 Brussels
Omschrijving jobaanvraag:

Since the very beginning of my professional career I understood Architecture as a potential integrative agent. Exploring participatory design and working with the communities in Latin America, in 2018 I had the opportunity to represent the university and our teamwork as students in City Lab: PBL for Sustainable Cities International Competition, awarded in the category “Collaboration with local stakeholders”. Starting in this way, to develop a more inclusive vision as an Architect.

The proposal of my degree thesis was an urban project in the Venezuelan-Colombian border to address the current refugee crisis in the area, giving solutions through landscape, mobility and housing concepts.

After engaging with the urban design field, I continued my professional path collaborating with a Venezuelan NGO Haciendo Ciudad
(“Making Cities”), where the designers and experts develop urban interventions through participatory principles in the informal settlements, transforming public spaces to generate exchange, collaboration and mediation.

In 2021 I came to Belgium to study a Postgraduate program at Hasselt University about Regenerative Architectural Solutions for building in the north and global south. Building as a final project an intervention based on reused and biobased materials and participatory processes for the Parckfarm Community located in Molenbeek, northern west of Brussels.

Currently based in Brussels, collaborating with BDar Architectes as a project manager on site for the renovation of the Marriott Hotel Grand Place, learning Dutch as my fourth language and willing to go further and contribute with an enthusiastic team around Belgium.
I’m determined to develop transformative actions through design and translate them into the understanding that an inclusive vision builds community.

Wenst te werken in: West-Vlaanderen , Oost-Vlaanderen , Antwerpen , Limburg , Vlaams-Brabant , Waals-Brabant , Henegouwen , Namen , Luik
Softwarekennis: Revit, Archicad, Autocad, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lumion, Sketchup, Microsoft office
Ervaring: Designer, project manager, architect on site, professor assistant
Talenkennis: Engels, Spaans, Italiaans, Nederlands leren

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