[Jobaanvraag - Datum: 10-02-2023]
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Omschrijving jobaanvraag:
I am an Italian architect, I moved to the Flanders region with my family at the beginning of January for my husband's work. I have been working in the field of architecture for more than 10 years: I started by working in the residential/hospitality sector, then I moved to a studio dealing with luxury residential. After that I started revamping flats for private clients until I started working for an engineering firm in the industrial sector, where I still work remotely, but I would like to work for a Belgian company to integrate myself as soon as possible into the culture I have decided to live in.

During these years I have gained a lot of experience in a wide range of drawing and modelling software, in particular Autocad and Revit, which I use on a daily basis for my work. During my past experiences I have also used other software such as Rynocheros, 3D Studio Max, SketchUp, etc., which I can reuse if necessary. I consider myself a person who loves challenges and the study of new subjects, which is why I am also available for learning and using new software, according to your specific needs (e.g. Archicad, etc.).
In recent years, I have attended a Master's degree in Real Estate because I have always been attracted by urban development issues and the strong link with architecture.
As for languages, I am a native speaker of Italian and Spanish. I have been studying English privately for several years, for my own interest, as I do not have the possibility to use it in the work environment because the clients I interface with are mainly Italian. I currently have a B2 level of English. I also studied in France (Erasmus in Grenoble) where I had the opportunity to study the French language; at that time, I had a B1 level. I then had the opportunity to use French for a work experience where the head of the company was French and the main customer was French-speaking. Currently I do not speak Dutch but I can understand a little, I started studying it as soon as I moved to Flanders, as my goal is to integrate as soon as possible.
I am available to work either remotely or in person, depending on your needs.

We look forward to your feedback

Met vriendelijke groeten, 

Arc. Angela Francesco



Wenst te werken in: Waals-Brabant , Antwerpen , Oost-Vlaanderen
Softwarekennis: Autocad, Revit, MS Office, Photoshop
Ervaring: 10 years
Talenkennis: Italian-spanish mother tongue, Eng. B2, French A2

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