[Stageplaatsaanvraag - Datum: 09-07-2022]
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Plaats:9000 Ghent
Telefoon:+32 456374535
GSM:+32 456374535
Omschrijving stageplaatsaanvraag:

Dear Sir/Madam
I have just graduated from my MSc in Architecture at the KU Leuven Sint Lucas campus Ghent and I would be grateful if you could consider me as a trainee.
I would very much like to contribute to the excellent work done in your office by bringing in my design skills, creativity, curiosity and ambition while learning from your experience. I believe working at your office I will increase my understanding of life projects of different scales and programmatic needs and will give me the exposure to the challenging environment and opportunities I seek to improve as a prospect architect.
Complementary to my architectural studies, I was an intern for three months at WV Architecten in Antwerp where I produced a series of Models in various materials and techniques such as laser cutting, plaster, concrete and MDF. I elaborated site research volumetric designs for master planning proposal and Sketchup and CAD modelling. Additionally, my experience having studied interior and spatial design has taught me the importance of experience for exhibition spaces and a wider vision of the spatial qualities within them. Furthermore, while having a comprehensive building and architectural background, my past career as a chef has shown me how to work dynamically, management skills and how to work in a group and communicate effectively.
I would say my biggest strengths are my ability to work both technically and methodically. I can generate comprehensive drawings and documentation using a wide range of CAD, adobe, and office software.
I can be reached by phone or email at +32 456 374 535 and albertbauh@gmail.com
I look forward to hearing from you,
Yours faithfully,
Alberto Bautista-Hernaez

Wenst te werken in: Waals-Brabant , Vlaams-Brabant , Antwerpen , Oost-Vlaanderen , West-Vlaanderen
Softwarekennis: AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Rhino, Photoshop,Illustrator, Indesign, office
Ervaring: 3 months intership in WV Architecten
Talenkennis: Spanish, English, Italian, French (A2) Dutch (A1)

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